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Multi-lingual section

For linguistic minorities and users of languages other than Norwegian


Bergen Public Library wishes to give the public easy access to music, and our main force – in addition to good music in general – is to be affiliated with Bergen and western Norway


Games are fun and stimulating and finally found their way into the library. We have both classical board games, console games and handheld game machines for use in the library, and some games you can borrow and take home.


For many of us, films are a fantastic way to become touched – whether they set off emotions, make us see the world in a new way or entertain us. The library provides a good opportunity to dive into the film world.


Bergen has a large and active writer environment and Bergen Public Library gives literature dissemination a high priority for both children/youths and adults.


Art touches us, challenges us and gives us an aesthetic experience for both our mind and the subconscious. The art evokes thoughts, feelings and associations, we can become touched, happy, angry, surprised or provoked.

Local history

The interest in local history and genealogy has never been stronger than today. Many people are looking for their roots, and some may seek to leverage the local culture against the increasing globalization of society.

Grieg and the digital archive

Survey over the library’s digital collection.

Children and youth

We offer books for everyone between 0-16 years. We also offer games, films, audio books and music.

Content in the library


For children and youth

Books and recources in English for children and youth in the library
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Books in English

Books and audio books in English for adults in the library
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Films in English

Films in English for adults avaliable in the library.
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Language courses

Language courses you may borrow in the library to learn English og Norwegian.
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